Technical trainings on Good Agricultural Practices and safety sanitary standards begin in Sidi Ifni

The training sessions on Good Agricultural Practices for the Prickly Pear cactus have begun this week in the province of Sidi Ifni. Several aspects of technical improvement of fields and cactus growing techniques will be dealt with.

For the first week, the training will be focusing on the ancient plants rejuvenation, targeting plants that are over 60 years old, which present very low production of fruits and cladodes.

The next sessions (scheduled in two weeks’ time) will work on the technique called Scozzolatura, a technique used to delay the fruit ripening. The training will take place directly at the farmers’ level, involving producers in adopting the scozzolatura on their plants

On the downstream of the cactus value chain, a diagnostic analysis of the Sidi Ifni packing unit is also ongoing. Experts from PAMPAT and the GIE Sobbar Ait Baâmrane are working in close cooperation to analyse the discrepancies with the law 28/07 on safety and sanitary standards and to solve them for the launching of the new prickle pears campaign that will start in August.