Training on argan oil products for cosmetic use

March 15, 2018

PAMPAT organized a training session on how to prepare vegetable oil blends to make argan products more competitive and above all in line with market standards. The hands-on training allowed participants to receive feedback and ongoing coaching in the preparation of new cosmetic oils. The producers also organized workshops to share and refine their formulas […]

Establishment of pilot site to disseminate BAP introduced by PAMPAT

February 15, 2018

Two programs have been initiated by the Moroccan administration early 2018 to disseminate the BPA developed and tested under the PAMPAT project.   The program of the chamber is to set up a pilot cactus farm (5 hectares) in Mesti, in the form of a field school. The plot is identified and the convention for […]

International Day of Contests for Traditional Products

October 4, 2017

On the sidelines of the Swiss Land Market 2017, the first “International Day of Contests for Traditional Products” took place on Saturday September 30th in Courtemelon. At the Swiss Local Produce Competition, organized by the Interjurasian Rural Foundation, and thanks to the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), supported by SECO, the […]

Organization of a study tour in Tuscany for the PAMPAT Morocco and PAMPAT Tunisia counterparts and beneficiaries

November 18, 2016

A delegation of 19 persons representing the institutions directly involved in the implementation of the PAMPAT project in Morocco and Tunisia and two argan export consortia in Morocco participated in a study tour to Tuscany from 13 to 18 November. Participants had the opportunity to meet various Italian consortia and organizations involved in the promotion […]

The Moroccan contest of traditional products promoted in Tunisia

June 1, 2016

Within the exchanges between the twin PAMPAT projects in Morocco and Tunisia, and following the participation of a Tunisian delegation to the 1st edition of the Moroccan Competition for Traditional Products, a presentation of the contest was made at the show “Flavors of Tunisia”, held in Hammamet on the 25th of May 2016. Based on […]

Training of trainers on Good Agricultural Practices for cactus took place in Guelmim

May 12, 2016

A Training for trainers’ session on Good Agricultural Practices for the Prickly Pear cactus has taken place this week in Guelmime. The training tackled several aspects of technical improvement of fields and cactus growing techniques, based on the training manual developed under the PAMPAT project. Main themes are: ancient plants rejuvenation, targeting plants that are […]

Training on packaging and labeling

November 25, 2015

Within the framework of the PAMPAT project, a training targeting the importance of packaging, brand and visual identity as a business tool for products’ promotion and trade was held in Rabat in close cooperation with ADA, on the 25th of November. Thirty cooperatives and groups of cooperatives producing origin linked products that participated in the […]

Excellency awarded products during the Moroccan Contest for Traditional Products are promoted in Switzerland

October 2, 2015

The sixth edition of the Swiss Contest for Traditional Products  took place on 26th and 27th September 2015 in Delémont-Courtemelon, in Jura. It was attended by a Moroccan delegation, representing the Excellency, who awarded products from the first edition of the Moroccan Contest for Traditional Products as well as a delegation of seven companies, supported […]