One of PAMPAT’s main objectives is to support the Moroccan strategy for terroir products – a key national strategy since 2008, within the Pillar 2 of the “Green Morocco Plan”.

PAMPAT has been working with government representatives and national institutions (inter-professional associations, producers’ associations and cooperatives) to support the national strategy and to strengthen the country’s capacity for identifying, promoting and adding value to quality and origin-linked products. In this context, the following trainings are being conducted:

Structuring and strengthening value chain actors:

  • Role of support institutions
  • Value chain structuration
  • Partnership building
  • Decision making processes

Facilitating market access:

  • Client identification
  • Client negotiation
  • Market access procedures (export, insurance, etc.)
  • Labeling and branding strategies
  • Quality schemes and standards
  • Promotion and Communication strategies