To support the development and promotion of origin-linked products, PAMPAT also focuses on strengthening national and regional capacities. Activities include training support institutions, organizing the first Moroccan Contest for Traditional Products, and fostering the exchange of experiences and best practices at the regional level.

National capacities

One of the main objectives of PAMPAT is to support the Moroccan Strategy for Terrior Products, a key national strategy since 2008 within the Pillar 2 of the “Green Morocco Plan”.

PAMPAT has been working with government representatives and national institutions (interprofessional associations, producers’ associations, cooperatives) to support the national strategy and to strengthen the national capacities for identifying, promoting and adding value to quality and origin-linked products.

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Moroccan Contest for Traditional Products

National contests are a powerful tool to foster market access of typical food products by creating linkages between producers and consumers. Inspired by the Swiss Local Food Competition, held by the Swiss rural foundation of the Jura region (FRI), PAMPAT has worked closely with its Moroccan counterparts (ADA and the Ministry of Agriculture) to adapt the Swiss model to the Moroccan context.

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Regional Capacities

PAMPAT fosters south-south cooperation and the exchange of experiences between Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt (where UNIDO is implementing another value chain project, also financed by SECO on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants).

The project has also co-organized three regional trainings on Geographical Indications as a tool for rural development targeting sub-Saharan countries.

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