Argan oil producers to comply with new sanitary regulations through PAMPAT support

Posted December 4, 2014 in Argan,Quality & Standards

PAMPAT has launched a support programme within PAMPAT to assist argan oil producers (companies, cooperatives and groups of cooperatives) to become compliant with the Moroccan Law 28-07, on sanitary and safety standards for food products.

Law No. 28-07 establishes the general principles of food safety for alimentary products. It includes requirements to make sure that only safe products are available in the market, by establishing general rules of hygiene, sanitation, use of cleaning products and disinfectants and qualifying thresholds of contamination in primary products and food products.

An awareness campaign has therefore been launched by PAMPAT and selected producers will be accompanied through technical diagnostics of their units to verify their compliance with the law requirements. A total of around 30-50 producers are expected to be analysed and to be accompanied to become compliant to the Sanitary and Safety Standards for food products, according to ONSSA standards.